Warning: Stand away from this product, there are lethal ingredients! – Sanitiser

This product is one of the most used products in daily use. People use to destroy bacteria.

But after reading this article we are sure that it does not even think to take in their hands.

The product is designed to destroy harmful substances, but it actually works by destroying the good bacteria that are very important for the immune system. Also this product can harm the endocrine system that produces hormones, controls the functions of the body.

Sanitiser- hand rub drop viscous liquid in your palms and they’re freed from micro organism 99.9%. However when it was invented for use in a situation the place there is no such thing as a clear water and cleaning soap out there, it justified his repeated use?

Here are some important things to know before you decide to use this product:

Always check before buying the values ​​that the product contains. Writes that this product contains 59% alcohol and that destroys all harmful bacteria, but to destroy bacteria concentration of alcohol should be above 60%.

Keep in rooms that are inaccessible to children! This product if it comes into the hands of children can lead to serious side effects. If the child drink the product may cause poisoning. So be careful where you put the product.

Excessive use of the product can damage a child’s health! Experts do research which proved that excessive use can have severe consequences on the health of the child.

Poroizvodot has a very pleasant smell, but it is obtained by means of chemical reactions Rights manufacturing. So we would recommend that you use before you eat. There is a large amount of chemicals.

After using, you will have a sense of clean hands. But in fact it is not so. Your hands are not completely cleaned of toxic bacteria.

It can also damage the skin if you clean your hands frequently.

We hope this will be of great help. Thanks to separate minutes. If you share with your friends, to us raise awareness that not poisoned by these expensive chemicals.

Source: recipesfornaturalremedies.com