Tibetan elixir of youth and longevity! (RECIPE)

Tibetan elixir of youth and longevity may be very easy to do, and for him write many medical doctors and specialists japanese drugs.

Everyone knows how wholesome honey, so to check drug. That honey is the principle ingredient and this elixir. This implies nice strengthens immunity, regulates the gastrointestionalniot tract, cleans blood vessels and liver, improves pores and skin tone and clean wrinkles.

Although you look youthful, you’ll endlessly eliminate constipation and can by no means discover out what it sclerosis.

To organize the elixir takes solely three substances: 100 ml recent lemon juice, 200 grams of honey and 50 ml olive oil high quality.

Combine all substances and take the ready combination each morning on a spoon on an empty abdomen. This elixir is really helpful twice a 12 months for a month within the fall and spring.