This is an amazing natural remedy for leukemia !!

Expending sustenances, for example, celery and parsley, which contain a characteristic flavonoid apigenin, can anticipate leukemia, closed Dutch researchers at the College of Groningen.

In the expressions of Maikela Pepelenbosh, one of the members in the investigation, tests demonstrated that the apigenin – generally normal fixing in leafy foods – can stop the advancement of two sorts of leukemia cells and decrease the odds of their survival.

Then again, the group found that the apigenin could likewise lessen the constructive outcomes of chemotherapy in individuals in whom leukemia has just been built up. Flavonoids are mixes with cancer prevention agent properties that shield the cell from the harm caused by oxygen atoms.

Some past examinations have demonstrated that the apigenin contained in celery, parsley, dark wine, tomato juice and different herbs can be helpful in the anticipation of ovarian tumor.