The Perfect Breakfast Combination, It Regulates Blood Sugar, Reduces Cholesterol and Helps You Lose Weight

Experiencing difficulty choosing what to have for breakfast? You absolutely need something that will kick-begin the life form, give you medical advantages and keep you empowered for the duration of the day.

All things considered, we have the response for you!

The accompanying breakfast formula is so astounding, it can really manage the glucose levels, bring down the cholesterol and dispose of the stomach fats.

As you probably are aware, breakfast is one of the most advantageous dinners of the day. It is not astute to skip it ever, so ensure you eat right every last morning.

Chia seeds and oats breakfast may simply be the match made in paradise for you. Both fixings are super solid and give the digestion and invulnerability a lift it needs to experience the whole day.

Beside this, they give weight reduction properties, and can dissolve the tummy fat and overabundance fat stuck in the body.

Oats is brimming with beta-glucan dissolvable fiber, an aggravate that can adjust the glucose levels, bring down the awful cholesterol and reinforce the heart.

Also, it offers an OK substance of protein, fiber and minerals.

Then again, chia seeds give omega 3 and omega 6 in huge measurements and have more calcium than drain and other dairy items. Once more, chia seeds can enable the heart to work legitimately and give out a lot of cancer prevention agent and calming benefits.

Chia seeds are suggested for individuals experiencing joint inflammation and can bring down the cholesterol too.

The Formula


  • 1 container oats
  • 2 containers water
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 2 tablespoons nectar
  • 1 squeeze ocean salt
  • 4 tablespoons of chia seeds


In a pot, include water, cinnamon and vanilla. Convey it to bubble and afterward diminish warmth and toss in oats. Once more, let blend bubble for 5 minutes and put aside. Cover and leave for 5 minutes to rest.

At long last, include nectar and salt. Sir well and pour blend in a bowl. Include chia seeds finally, while the breakfast is as yet hot.


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