Natural remedy that will help you quit smoking. UNBELIEVABLE !!!

Have you ever tried to quit smoking ?? Yes, but it does not went the right way. So today we will present you a home remedy that will assist you manage to quit smoking. Also smoking is considered one of the most dependent diseases.

Ingredients for the preparation of this natural home remedy against smoking:

-½ grapefruit

-½ orange

-30 ml cold-pressed coconut oil

-5 gr oregano

-20 ml chamomile tea

-30 ml jojoba oil

-30 ml olive oil


The preparation of this product is very easy and quick. In a clean bowl place all ingredients and stir well. When you get a homogeneous mixture, divide the mixture into glass containers.

How to use:

Apply the remedy under your nose. Add a few drops on a cotton pad, and inhale. Do this every time you crave for a cigarette.


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