Home remedy for ulcers, gastritis and inflammatory bowel disease

When you’ve got issues with gastritis, ulcers, irritation of the colon, abdomen acid, indigestion, gradual metabolism you supply this folks treatment. The recipe may be very easy and confirmed efficient.

Members of our portal can personally verify that this folks treatment works properly.

The drug you want cabbage and juicer.

Each morning ought to squeeze recent juice of cabbage 1 to 1.5 dl. Drink it on an empty abdomen and never eat something the subsequent two hours. Repeat this for 40 days. Upon getting completed remedy study the outcomes and results. Remedy if mandatory you’ll be able to proceed so long as mandatory. For those who don’t have a juicer cabbage you’ll be able to izmelete or grated, barely salted and never let it stand. After that drain properly by means of a double gauze to istiskate juice.

Moreover the fantastic results in opposition to irritation of the digestive system, gastritis, ulcers and different issues of the gut, of cabbage juice you’ll be able to have extra advantages.

For those who drink the juice of cabbage 40 days in a row, your blood will considerably enhance, will cut back dangerous LDL ldl cholesterol will decrease your blood stress, you should have a brighter and clearer pores and skin, and also will cut back the load of a number of kilograms.

Cabbage is a vegetable with excessive organic and low in energy (24 cal per 100g) and comprise on common: 92.52% water, 1.21% protein, zero.18% fats and a couple of.three% fiber.

Essentially the most prevalent are: vitamin C (42mg in 100 g.) And beta-carotene (provitamin Vitamin A), then the minerals potassium, iron, magnesium, sulfur and copper. Small quantities of sodium, and optimistic ratio of calcium and phosphorus to make sure most utilization of calcium within the physique.