Here’s what happens to waistline when you drink a glass of wine before bed

Want romantic encounters in the late hours. Drinking red wine with your partner. Here now we will tell you what happens when you drink a glass of red wine before bed.

Research is done at Harvard University, women who drank 2 glasses of wine every day had no problem with excess pounds. Therefore it is proven with more research that red wine burning unwanted fat.

Also conducted more research to prove that the grapes is very important for human health.

The scientists used mice, and found that red wine extract prevent the accumulation of fat in small rodents. Laboratory animals also experienced a significant drop in the level of blood sugar. It was confirmed that the acids in the grapes delay the development of fat.

Red wine vs. chips

Drinking a glass of red before sleep has many health benefits. 1 cup red wine has fewer calories than parshe cake and it lacks the bad fats.

Linda Monk drinking red wine before bed managed to lose 6 pounds within 3 weeks.

Health benefits

Red wine helps in losing excess weight.
Red wine has an anticancer effect. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease, as it protects the cells.


Red wine may be healthy, but drinking a whole bottle of it won’t be of great help. Moderation is the key.

Drink a glass of high-quality wine once in a while to get a thinner waist.


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