Crunchy French Fries Without a Drop of Oil and So Easy To Prepare!

Potatoes are a solid vegetable that started from South America, however can be discovered wherever around the globe. They can be set up in various ways and are similarly flavorful broiled, bubbled or steamed. In any case, potatoes are most well known as French fries.

Fries are regularly a piece of fast food suppers, yet they are wonderful notwithstanding when served all alone with a touch of mayo and ketchup. They are likely the most heavenly blame nourishment ever due to the crunchy and delicate consistency and fine brilliant shading. Be that as it may, French fries are extremely unsafe to our wellbeing also – specialists have related them to various medical issues, for example, cardiovascular infections and weight. The issue doesn’t lie in the vegetable – it is the oil they’re being seared stuck in an unfortunate situation.

On the off chance that you can’t quit eating fries, yet need to remain solid, will demonstrate to you a decent formula which will enable you to set them up without a drop of oil. Try not to stress, they’re similarly as heavenly as the genuine article. This is what you have to do:


  • 5-7 potatoes
  • 2 egg whites
  • Salt, paprika and dark pepper to taste


Peel the potatoes and slice them to pieces, placing them in a bowl for later utilize. Presently, beat the egg whites well and include the flavoring, at that point pour the blend over the potatoes. Preheat your stove to 200-200 C, at that point prepare the potatoes inside for around 10 minutes or until they’re brilliant. Take them out and appreciate the solid fries!