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What happens in our bodies when we drink Coca-cola!

We have all heard that drinking coca-cola is harmful to our body. We have heard or seen as the most popular drink does to a piece of meat, if you leave it in the liquid overnight. But we never clearly explained what we were going into our body when you drink Coca-cola. (more…)

Natural remedy anti stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the uncomfortable appear on our body, especially among girls who want to hide them in every possible way. There are different ways to hide using natural recipes, in addition to those in aesthetic surgery. (more…)

Clean lungs NATURAL WAY for 3 DAYS!!!!!!

If you constantly have a hard cough or other difficulties in raspiratorniot system that can be caused by smoking, the weather or whatever, use this three-day regimen of cleansing the lungs and breathe to the full. (more…)

Weakened 74 KG for 1 YEAR! Incredible!

British Claire Alsop weakened 74kg and it was made a woman who managed to oslabne.Taa most is the mother of 2 children. Before starting weakens had 138 kilograms. Excess weight is not disturbed but she had health problems. Because she was very concerned about their health and future, she decided to weaken. (more…)

NATURAL REMEDY – Oil of Garlic

As we know garlic is one of the healthiest and most used vegetables in medicine as a drug. We will now present the oil and garlic will show you how to do … (more…)

Тhe most powerful natural remedy for acne!!!

If you have acne on the face, and fed you from all medical creams to treat this problem, then we offer a natural cure for acne. (more…)

Simple recipe for tea that relieves stomach pain!!

Tea, who today will present the council is not only aficionados of alternative medicine but also by gastroenterologists. (more…)


Having mold in your home isn’t just an aesthetically unpleasant problem – mold can also seriously harm your health. Mold is actually a fungus that grows in moist areas. Once it accumulates in your home, it may cause mold poisoning, as the fungus releases spores in the air that can easily end up in your body. Conventional medicine doesn’t work against mold poisoning, and the problem is also very difficult to diagnose. It is commonly mistaken for other conditions due to the non-specific symptoms, which is why people don’t realize the problem until it becomes too late. (more…)