Cabbage: Natural cure cancer and heart disease!

Looking to you for a natural remedy to help cure him cancer or heart disease? The real place we present cabbage as a natural fighter against cancer and heart disease.

Here are the healthy properties include cabbage:

1. Improves digestion of food

Cabbage contains fiber that manage digestive syst. With regular consumption of cabbage you will reduce the risk of many serious diseases such as colon cancer and stomach cancer.

2. It prevents cancer

Cabbage because it contains large amounts of antioxidants can eliminate free radicals.

3. Improves heart health

The fiber contained cabbage are very important for the heart. They lower bad cholesterol.

4.It boosts immunity

Cabbage and each vegetable is rich in many vitamins and minerals that enhance immunity.

5.It prevents inflammation

Cabbage also contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation !!


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